Hadith Discussions

11.03.2010, Thursday

Being a Muslim and an Emigrant

"A Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hands the people are safe. And an Emigrant (muhajir) is one who abandons that which Allah has forbidden."

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Virtue as the Source of Benevolence

"Righteousness is composed of good behavior. And sin is what you don't want people to know, despite the fact that it eats away at your heart." (Muslim, Birr 14-15)

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Asking Too Many Questions

"Leave me as I am, as long as I don't prohibit or forbid you on a matter. What ruined tribes before you were their excessive questions and their arguing with their prophets..." 

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Refraining From What is Doubtful

"What is permissible is stated as well as what is forbidden. There are some things in between the two which are doubtful, whose permissibility is not known; however, many people do not know these..."

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Speaking Too Much

"Those whom I love the most and those closest to me on the Day Judgment are those who are best in character. Those whom I hate the most and furthest from me on the Day Judgment are those who speak too much and the conceited..."

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Health and Free Time

Discussion and exchange of ideas on the following hadith: "There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) Health and free time for doing good."

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Mingling with People

"A believer who mingles with the people and shows patience towards their torment is more beneficent than one who does not mingle with the people or show patience toward their torment."

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My Mercy Has Surpassed My Wrath

"After recording and evaluating good deeds and bad deeds, Allah explained their goodness and badness as such: Whomsoever desires to do a good deed and is uanble to do so, Allah records this as a perfect deed of goodness. Whomesoever desires to do a good deed and is successful in doing so, Allah multiplies their good deed..."

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Charity and Necessity

"O son of Adam, it is good for you to give in charity your belongings which exceed your needs, and it is bad for you not to. You will not be condemned for keeping as much as you need. Begin your good deeds with those whom you are taking care of. Don't forget, the hand that gives is better than the hand that receives."

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Should We Wish To Die?

“None of you should wish for death. If the person wishing for death is a good person, they could do many more good deeds and acts of charity. If they are not good people however, it could so happen that they will repent and try to earn the pleasure of God.”

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