18.09.2013, Wednesday

Hadith on Times of Conflict and Civil War

The Messenger of God said: The happy man is he who avoids fitna...  but how fine is the man who is afflicted and shows endurance. 

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An Essay on the Tradition of Forty Hadith

The Hadith / Forty Hadith / Ayşe Şener Yurtseven

Traditions are the true offspring of a civilization or culture through which that civilization can survive. The tradition of forty hadiths (sayings of the Prophet) is one of the precious elements that carries on the nobility of Islamic culture and morals.

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The Views of Orientalists on the Hadith Literature

The Hadith / Hadith Sciences / Fatma Kızıl

The question of the value of the hadith literature (sayings of the Prophet) as a legitimate source is a broad one in which orientalists, not only those working on hadiths, but also those in other areas, including Islamic law, Islamic history and the Quran, are interested.

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Forty Hadith from Lastprophet.info

The Hadith / Forty Hadith / Lastprophet.info

The tradition of memorizing forty hadith has been a very important aspect of Muslim life for centuries. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said May Allah resurrect those people of my Ummah who  memorize forty hadith, together with the ulama...

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On the Hadith Studies in Turkey

The Hadith / Hadith Sciences / Yavuz Ünal, PhD

The period between 1920 and 1950, which could be labeled "a political vacuum of religious education", was no different for hadith (sayings of the Prophet) studies. However, the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs gave Ahmed Naim the...

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Kutub Al-Sitta (The Six Books)

The Hadith / Hadith Sciences / Betul Yılmazörnek

“Al-Kutub al-Sitta” is an expression that is composed of the word ‘kutub’, meaning ‘books’ and ‘sitta’ which means ‘six’; collectively it means -literally- the “six books”. In the terminology of Islamic sciences, al-Kutub al-Sitta is the name given to the...

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A Critique and Evaluation of Narrations Concerned with the Recording of Hadiths

It is an undeniable fact that writing plays a significant role in passing information on to future generations. However, recording information is not sufficient on its own for reliable transfer, as the soundness of information is not so much related to whether...

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The Social and Oral Structure of Isnad (Chain of Transmission ): Whose Narrative?

The more than 1400 year-old social network of hadith (sayings of the Prophet) scholars is known traditionally as the isnad (chain of transmission) system which includes innumerable scholars in Islam’s broad geography.

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On the Value of the Classic and Modern Hadith Methodologies

The Hadith / Hadith Sciences / İbrahim Hatiboğlu, PhD

In order to talk about any science, it is crucial to have an explicit methodology for discussing subjects on a particular ground besides a common language. In fact, the methodology of a science is the entire method that scholars follow in the...

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Fabricated Hadith

The Hadith / Hadith Sciences / M. Yaşar Kandemir, PhD

The frailties of human nature allow us to transmit events in a way in which they did not actually occur and to flatter people whom we love and have sympathy for. Another reflection of this kind of behavior is acting in this manner for the sake of some kind of spiritual or material interests.

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