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Signs of Beauty (Nihavend No.34)

The ilahi (nasheed) 'Signs of Beauty' - translated into English from the Turkish original by Abdal Hakim Murad - is sung by poet and songwriter Dawud Wharnsby Ali.

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Ramadan in the United States / Interviews / F. Betül Özer

There's a great deal of diversity in terms of how Ramadan is celebrated in the U.S. Each ethnic group brings its own customs and traditions to the table. Like Muslims in other countries, our mosques have various services during Ramadan.

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Which Names did the Prophet Change?

Muhammad / Social Life / Cemal Ağırman, PhD

A name is the most important symbol that identifies one person another. It is also the word heard most often in a person's life, so for this reason everyone wants to have nice name with a good meaning. Islam gives much importance to the choosing of a good name. The names changed by the Prophet were of three categories.

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