Training the Soul Beginning from the Body

Folders / Ramadan / Ali Murat Daryal, PhD

The fasting person is a hungry person. The hungry person does not forget themselves, gravitating towards the external world and making it an object for themselves as those with full stomachs do.

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A Common Form of Worship: Fasting

Folders / Ramadan / Ömer Faruk Harman, Prof.

Regardless of how far back we go in time or how far away we travel in space, the reality of religion has existed in every unit of time and space where man has lived. For the need to believe is one of man's basic characteristics and creating a value system and tying it to a source of faith is a psychological and social necessity for man.

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Coming like a Miracle Each Year

Folders / Ramadan / Sezai Karakoç

Fasting is the first guest of my pen's new homeland. Just as happens every year, the time has come and the clock's miraculous alarm has sounded: we saw the non-aging, ever-fresh, ever-bright moon on the horizon as a fine, silver bow.

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From the Captivity of the Self to the Freedom of the Fast

Folders / Ramadan / Mustafa Ulusoy, PhD

The body provides boundaries for a person. It tells us where to start and where to stop. This is the first experience of boundaries that a person has in their childhood. In the same way that the human mind feels that it is buried in one's body..

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