Mawlid in Asia

Indonesia is one of the largest nations with a majority-Muslim population in Asia. Religion is very important in Indonesia, and this can be understood from the first principle of the state: "Pancasila", which means "belief in the one and only God."

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Mawlid in Europe

Every year the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is celebrated with a variety of different activities in parts of Europe. In nearly every country of Europe, Muslim populations come together to meet on this blessed night, to pray and celebrate together.

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Mawlid in Africa

The Mawlid celebrations in Africa are quite different from those celebrated in the Middle East or Asia. Even the name of the celebrations differs according to the country or region of the continent.

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Mawlid in the Balkans

Folders / Mawlid / İsmail Bardhi

The term Mawlid is part of the daily vocabulary of the Muslim population in the Balkans. It is a term that is of great importance meaning due to the fact that it symbolizes the identity of a people who are followers of Islam.

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Mawlid in the Middle East

The Mawlid celebrations in the Middle East have a lot in common. As much of the Muslim population in Europe consists of immigrants the Middle East, the origins of the celebrations in Europe originally come the Middle East..

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A Perfect Example of the Influence of the Media: The Cartoon Crisis

The assaults against Islam and Prophet Muhammad in the media were probably not a new phenomenon, but the twelve cartoons depicting and denigrating Prophet Muhammad can be accepted as the turning point in the confrontation between the Muslims and the advocates of Islamophobia, between an unlimited freedom of expression and a responsible freedom of expression.

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The Dynamic Face of Islamic Media

Journals and magazines are among the most obvious forms of the media. In the world of media, no other organ is richer in subjects or cheaper in costs than the magazine. It is for this reason that we can see hundreds of magazines on the shelves..

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Islam and the Media

We cannot imagine the world today or public opinion without the media. The power and influence of the media is beyond our imagination. Every group, every representative of any thought or interest, seeks to express or make public their ideas..

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Online Islamic Education Opportunities

The Internet has transformed the nature of mass education in the modern world by expanding access to all segments of society. The transmission of knowledge has probably never been wider, as the intellectualized..

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Islamic Devices on Sale: “ADD TO CART”

With dazzling speed, electronic and digital Islamic products have started to stretch beyond the boundaries of the imagination; they are now mobilizing the markets as well as helping people carry out their religious duties.

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