Twelve Hours Old

Folders / Conversions / Katherine Bullock

What am I doing down here? I wonder, my nose and forehead pressed to the floor as I kneel in prayer. My kneecaps ache, my arm muscles strain as I try to keep the pressure off my forehead. I listen to strange utterings of the person praying next to me.

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Highlights from the Lives of Converts

In the years between these two Prophets, I read over 1,000 books in search of the truth including psychology, sociology, anthropology, religion, history and philosophy. I was especially interested in feminism, Carl Jung's psychology..

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Why is Islam the most Rapidly Growing Religion in the United States?

Folders / Conversions / Recep Şentürk, PhD

Today, the fact that Islam is the most rapidly growing religion in the United States, as well as in the rest of the world, has attracted the attention of Muslim and non-Muslim observers.

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Three Yusufs, One Islam

Folders / Conversions / Ali Kose

There are great people whose lives are divided into periods, and we find that these people have different characteristics in each period. Their lives are stormy, but in the end, they drop anchor in a safe harbor.

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Conversion: Changing Religion or a Return to Primordial Nature?

Folders / Conversions / Ali Kose

The word ihtida means the embracing of Islam by people who belong to other religions. Literally, conversion is derived the word huda (the right way), which means "finding the right way; guiding", and it is a term that encapsulates..

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Uniting Through Worship

Folders / Ramadan / Elif Eryarsoy Aydın

The tarawih salat, one of the few supererogatory prayers that can be prayed with a congregation, has an important function in respect to enabling individuals to get to know one another, to draw closer to one another and to become reconciled.

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Fitr Alms

Folders / Ramadan / Mahbube Ciftçi

The five basic things that the religion of Islam aims to protect are religion, nafs (ego or soul), the mind, property and chastity.

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The Mosque’s Silent Guests: Women

Folders / Ramadan / Nevin Meriç

Benefiting greatly from the mosque and congregation during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, women developed other mosque-congregation arrangements with the expansion of Islamic lands and the increase in Muslim population.

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Night of Power

Folders / Ramadan / Sezai Karakoç

The Night of Power is a night praised by the Quran, because the Night of Power is the night the Quran descended. If the Quran had not been revealed, the universe and existence would have remained a riddle whose secret could not be known.

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Anniversary of the Quran's First Revelation

Folders / Ramadan / Selva Özelbaş

The month of Ramadan is the anniversary of the Qur'an's first revelation or, in other words, the anniversary of the beginning of the call to Islam. Besides this blessed month and night, no other month or other night is distinctly mentioned in the Qur'an with a different name, especially with praise.

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