Masterpieces of calligraphy art on view at Yıldız Palace

‘Masterpieces of the Calligraphy Art Hilya al-Sharif,’ that opened at the Yıldız Palace Mabeyn Köşk, is displaying nearly 100 examples of traditional calligraphic art.

read more 03.11.2011, Thursday

Vatican sponsors art exhibit featuring the Prophet Muhammad

For the first time, the Vatican is hosting an exhibit on Islamic calligraphy. The art form focuses on Prophet Muhammad, from his physical features to his "generosity, intelligence and wisdom."

read more 30.10.2011, Sunday

Vatican to host Hilya exhibition at Cancellaria

An exhibition featuring classical and contemporary examples of Hilye-i Şerif and prayer beads will open in the Vatican on Oct. 1. The Hilya al-Sharif is a description of the personal virtues and the qualities of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Prophet's Example Biggest Inspiration for Muslim Chaplains in Britain, Study Reveals

Led by Dr Sophie Gilliat-Ray of the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK, it is aimed at finding out more about the background, training, role and impact of Muslim chaplains in Britain.

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US editor to collaborate on Majidi film / News /

American film editor and sound designer Walter Scott Murch will visit Tehran to discuss collaboration with award-winning Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi.

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Majidi names cast of Holy Prophet

The internationally-acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi has announced the cast for his cinematic rendition of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) life.

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