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Black Mecca: The African Muslims of Harlem - A Review

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Adilah S. Muhammad

During the 1920’s and 1930’s, Harlem, New York, became the center of black intellectual thought, art, music and literature. Due to the concentration of middle and upper-middle class blacks in Harlem, the ability to produce and consume black culture within a culturally unique..

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Awaiting My Turn

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Najla T. Ilhan

I am still waiting.  Each year goes by, and for some reason or other, I am forced to wait another year.  I pray for my turn to make the journey, my turn face the challenge, my turn to fulfill one of the duties of passage in life, my turn to walk and pray and worship on the sacred grounds of the pilgrimage. 

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Eid al Adha: What it Means to Me

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Adilah S. Muhammad

For me, Eid al Adha was always a time to reflect upon the willing sacrifices that we must make - not just the sacrifices that occur due to adversity.  We often find ourselves in situations that require personal sacrifice, but rarely do we make a clear intention to give in sacrifice..

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The Covenant of Medina Versus Islamophobia

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Asma Adnan Zarzour

"Islam is intolerant to other religions"; this is a claim used today around the globe to justify the growing fear of Islam and Muslims! However, the truth is entirely the opposite.  

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I Left My Heart in Sarajevo

I have dreamt of visiting Sarajevo since my childhood. I remember the crushing feeling of helplessness as I watched the Mostar Bridge collapse. The grey pictures of war had been carved in my memory forever.

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Over-consumption and the New Ummah

The hubbub of the city during the week preceding the month of Ramadan never ceases to leave butterflies in one's stomach as the anticipation nears of an entire month of abstaning food and drink, back-biting and cynicism, intercourse, cigarettes and anything pertaining to the animal desires, dawn until dusk

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African American perception of the Last Prophet

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Adilah S. Muhammad

As an African American Muslim woman, I have always been conscious about the difference between how I have come to view Islam as opposed to others who have come other cultural traditions. 

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"American Muslim Women: Negotiating Race, Class, and Gender Within the Ummah"

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Adilah S. Muhammad

The concept of Muslim brotherhood and sisterhood is one that rests in the collective consciousness of Muslims the world over.  In theory, this unity is perceived as a natural and logical by-product of the fundamental Islamic concept of Tawhid (belief in the Oneness and indivisibility of Allah).


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The New Villains of Hollywood

After the Danish Cartoon crisis in 2005 many right wing and Islamophobic campaigns started to rear their ugly heads. Attacks on mosques, the minaret ban in Switzerland, the recent face-veil/burqa bans in Italy and Belgium and the fact that other places..

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