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Observations and Evaluations on Prophet Muhammad’s Relationship with Children

Prophet Muhammad, who had a deep level of love and compassion for children, was involved with them by bringing himself down to their level and concerning himself with their problems.

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Letter of Invitation from Prophet Muhammad to the Khaybar Jews

"O people who follow the Torah and gather around it! Be warned and know that in truth these words uttered by God can be found in your own book..."

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Exemplary Behavior of Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / İsmail Yakıt, PhD

It is always possible for daily behavior to be performed just as well or even better by someone else. However, the situation is a little different for extraordinary personalities like the prophets. Taking into consideration future generations, , they display model behavior to their followers.

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How the Prophet related to his wives

ImageHow was the relationship between the Prophet and his wives?

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Prophet Muhammad's Relationships with the People of the Book

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Ahmet Yücel, PhD

Other than the few hadiths mentioned in the Meccan period, Prophet Muhammad had no relationship with the People of the Book at this time. Prophet Muhammad's relationships with the People of the Book generally occurred during the Medinan period.

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Muhammad as a Ruler Prophet

The extraordinary success of the Prophet as the leader of a movement which had worldwide implications can be explained by two aspects, one spiritual, the other material.

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Treaties between the Prophet and the Idol Worshippers

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Mehmet Ali Kapar, PhD

During his conveyance of Islam, Prophet Muhammed made contact with members of various religions. Due to the fact that Islam is a religion of peace, the Prophet preferred the way of agreement in inviting peoples to Islam.

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Motifs used by Prophet Muhammad in Educating Society

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Cemal Ağırman, PhD

The essential rules and regulations contained in the divine books were demonstrated to society by the Prophets, the men to whom these rules had been revealed; with explanations, both verbal and demonstrative...

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Prophet Muhammad addressed the Emotions of the Young

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Seyfullah Kara, PhD

Prophet Muhammad gave utmost importance to the training of children and youth in the education of the individual. He did not undertake such education in a random way, but implemented extremely important methods that took into account the psychology of youth.

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Prophet Muhammad's Diplomatic Tactics in Alliances, Guarantees and Agreements

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Salahattin Polat, PhD

Determining which purposes were basic to the agreements of Prophet Muhammad is connected to knowing the spirit and basic principles dominant in his diplomacy.

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