The Problem of Homeless Children in light of the value given to Children by Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Saffet Sancaklı, PhD

Prophet Muhammad said: "he who does not love children and does not respect the elders is not one of us." He practiced what he preached. At the same time he wanted there to be justice and equality in the care of children.

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The Wholeness of the Sunna

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / İsmail Lütfi Çakan, PhD

There is diversity among people in the world who have been called to Islam. It is normal that every segment has felt a need for a guide according to the demands of the time. For this reason, in order to meet all the needs..

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The Chronological Structure of the Prophet's Marriages

In none of the hadiths has Prophet Muhammad commanded people to lead a life secluded from society and social relations. On the contrary, he commanded man and woman to enter into marriage based on a certain balance.

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The Prophet's Inheritance

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Celal Yeniçeri, PhD

As for the way in which the Prophet’s inheritance was managed, his livestock and some of his personal belongings were bequeathed to Ali’s family. His mantle, sword and ring remained state property.

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The Prophet's Behavior in Regard to its Bindingness

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Hayrettin Karaman, PhD

If all of Prophet Muhammad’s words, actions and attitudes are based on revelation, then it must be said that they are binding. On the contrary, if a part of his behavior comes from his human nature or is based on opinion and ijtihad (independent reasoning), then his behavior should be examined and categorized.

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Some Conclusions regarding the Sunna

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Aynur Uraler, PhD

Many Quranic verses and hadiths show that the sunnah is directly connected to revelation, that its basis is revelation and that the Prophet got knowledge for the sunnah through revelation.

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Al-I'tisam : Devotion to Sunna

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Aynur Uraler, PhD

The term i'tisam with the meaning "devotion to the sunnah" implies that life itself should be organized in accordance with the sunnah. With this respect, Islam is practiced at a moderate level. It never possesses an excessive quality in relation to its meaning.

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Muhammad's Justice

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Hüseyin Algül, PhD

From the time of his childhood, the Prophet Muhammad remained outside the moral degeneration of the societies in the Age of Ignorance. He opposed oppression and injustice in his youth, and he joined the Hilfu'l Fudul association which was formed for this purpose.

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Jokes and Humor of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / İsmail Yakıt, PhD

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was warmhearted, friendly, and occasionally he joked with the people around him. Due to his nature, he always acted in moderation. His gentleness is also referred to in the Holy Quran: "It was by a mercy from God that, you were lenient with them. Had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would surely have scattered away from about you."

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Prophet Muhammad's Attitude towards Slavery from the Perspective of Human Rights

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Elif Eryarsoy Aydın

The history of slavery dates back to the dawn of the history of mankind; throughout this time it has existed in every kind of society, although in each society, slaves have been treated differently. In some societies, they had no rights at all, except at the mercy of their masters.

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