The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / Ali Yardım, PhD

The Arabic word shamail is the plural form of shimal, a word that acts as a root for words of many different meanings, some which are even antonymous. Some of these meanings are temper, nature, character, mood and action, behavior and attitude.

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The Hilya in Islamic Calligraphy

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / M. Uğur Derman, PhD

The Islamic faith discourages the making of depictions of a person who could be idolized. Instead of having an image of the Prophet, as exists for Christ within the Christian world, Muslims learn about the characteristics of the Prophet from the hilyah.

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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) belongs to Adnanis that is one of the two biggest Arabic tribes. The Adnanis are also known as Ismailites named after the Prophet Ismael, the son of Abraham. 

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