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From Istanbul To Abu Dhabi: The Never-Ending Echo of a Blessed Birth

From the birth of the first human until now millions of blessed births have echoed throughout the globe...Some have become lost among the four walls of their rooms, others have overcome the enormous towers of palaces. Whoever they are, a person's birth is a new beginning, yet every human has been injected with the seed of death. Most of the time the announcement of death from the minarets occurs unexpectedly, before even a century has elapsed.

However, there was a birth in Mecca that nullified all calendars and all geography. The birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the last prophet, the prophet who was given the duty to bring the divine message to all people, the prophet whose birth had been announced in the holy books, resounded throughout the universe. No birth in any place, at any time in the world resembled his. This human life, which lasted between 571 and 632, became a living model for all of humanity with the touch of the divine.

The echo of this holy birth will last until the Day of Judgment and it is relived in the heart of the believer at every Mawlid. Commemorating the Prophet, talking about him, introducing him to those who do not know him, all these actions form links in the chain of belief. set out on the road to be one of these links, aiming to carry the universal message of Prophet Muhammad throughout the world, without discriminating between religion or language. meets with you on the computer screen everyday to commemorate Prophet Muhammad, to be the means of awakening people from their heedlessness to the light he brought. waits at the doors of knowledge, taking the light from there to tell you of Prophet Muhammad, to be the means for better understanding him. moves between different climates to introduce Prophet Muhammad to those who do not know him, constructing crossroads by discovering common areas.

Sometimes Prophet Muhammad is commemorated with the gentle breath of the reed flute, sometimes with the roar of a symphony...

While bringing him to the bereft world that does not know him we realized once again: Prophet Muhammad is not ours alone. We must bring him, he who is "in trust" to those who are waiting, so that they know him and become acquainted with him; we must bring him closer to these different worlds.

The wealth of different methods of speaking of Prophet Muhammad in both the east and the west should be included; we must join in the circles of love in the different places in the world that have formed around him.

This desire and aim must have become such a prayer in Istanbul that it was heard in another corner of the world, Abu Dhabi. The hundreds of efforts to bring Prophet Muhammad to the present time all came together there, forming an embracing circle around Prophet Muhammad. We joined in this circle. From 28 countries, that is 28 different worlds, people came together, joined by one emotion and belief; Prophet Muhammad was commemorated, his art and religion were discussed, Islam was debated on the cinema screen and music that came from the various cultures was to be heard. We were able to meet those we knew from the screen face to face, new acquaintances were made. not only listened to views and advice, we also returned home with a new assignment. This wonderful method of talking about Prophet Muhammad should be taken to different geographies in different languages.

And at the end of the three-day festival there was a thrilling competition. The effort involved in this competition was nothing less than "competing in charity", something the Prophet himself had recommended. The prizes became prayers and the great prayer received by was dedicated to their supporters.

Thank you for the support you have given in understanding Prophet Muhammad and in helping the entire world to understand him.



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