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Arabia in the Pre-Islamic Period

To understand the religion that Prophet Muhammad conveyed and the effects that this religion had on society, it is necessary to understand in part the ethnic, geographic, social, cultural, economic and religious features of the environment in which Prophet Muhammad lived.

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Medina: The City Renewed by Emigration

Following a gloomy Maghrib prayer, the congregation leaves the Prophet's Mosque; all are silent. The congregation has shrunk in size; familiar faces have been replaced with faces that are now strangers through a loss of trust.

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A Different Perspective on the Mawlid

The entry of the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into this world has been present to humanity by way of constant pushing of the boundaries of literature; many literary pens have competed with one another in order to turn their ink into lines..

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Migration: the moment when time became steeped

Abu Musa Al Ashari had just been assigned as the governor of Basra, however, Caliph Omar (pbuh) had requested that the inlands of Iran become penetrated, so the new governor had set out an expedition without much time to settle down.

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The story of the Qur'an: From the lips of the Prophet to the holy book

A tired army of Islam enters the city of Medina. The army, which was returning Yamama in order to suppress the uprising instigated by false Prophet Musailmah, is greeted with great joy in the Islamic capital.

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Revelation: The gateway from the heavens to the earth

Mount Hira seems to be hunched over it's own self. As though it has squatted and become solidified while watching Mecca. Similar to the mountains around it; similar to the city of Mecca which it doesn't take it's eyes off and...

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We Are Here For Peace of Mind

Minutes are passing as though they are hours. All eyes are on the clock's second hand, which appears to be as slow as the minute hand. Millions of people over the massive land extending the Atlantic to the Pacific, are racing against time which doesn't...

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The understanding of the Prophet in the 20th Century Islamic world

The Islamic world, which demonstrated relative religious, communal and cultural unity up until the 18th century, entered a phase of regression against the West, which during the same century attained a high level of development.

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Pledge of Allegiance: Holding onto the Prophet

That year Afra of the Hazrec tribe was traveling to Mecca with 12 members of her own tribe. In the quarrelsome city of Yathrib which they left behind, it was thought that they had set out for a pilgrimage. However, there was another power attracting Afra to Mecca.

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The Earth Is My Masjid

Salim. Abu Huzayfa's former freed slave.
Three kilometers Medina in a field used for drying dates, he is leading the prayer with the congregation praying in rows behind him in a haphazardly enclosed structure...

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