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Ramadan and Fasting's Global Field of Influence

In Oliver Roy's work, Globalizing Islam: The Search For a New Ummah (London: Hurst and Company 2004), he tried to take up new perspectives Muslims are following generally in the world that fall between Westernization and Neo-fundamentalism.

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Being Trustworthy

One hadith says, "Anyone who is not trustworthy has no faith." What does being trustworthy mean?

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Attitudes and Behavior of the Prophet towards Non-Muslims

The most obvious facet of Prophet Muhammad’s attitude and behavior towards non-Muslims is the fact that he never compromised his moral virtues. As the Qur'an states, the Prophet always showed “the most beautiful morality” and presented humanity with the most beautiful example of this morality.

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Prophet Muhammad: Not just a mythological figure, but a real life hero

Undoubtedly, the most basic quality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which differentiates him other religious figures, founders of faith and leaders is, along with the fact that he is someone who received revelation Allah, that he is human like us.

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What is the Significance of a Non-Muslim Accepting the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad?

On occasion, one aspect that comes to the fore during discussions about relationships between religions and dialogue is how non-Muslims view the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The following questions often come up...

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Between Anti-Violence and Anti-Semitism

Those who have a conscience still feel the pangs when they consider the human drama being played out in Gaza. Young, old, babies, children, women, men, hundreds of people without discrimination are being murdered; those left behind are still imprisoned...

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The Struggle for Power in the Age of Ignorance and Modern-Day Societies

Throughout history possessing authority and power, ruling and leading people or, in short, the idea of dominance has been an important factor in directing a person or institutions in social events, political disputes and every kind of inter-personal relations.

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The Summit of Purification

Revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Quran is a guide to mankind for salvation, light, and discernment between good and evil. It is a fountain head that repeatedly reminds man of the purpose of his creation and that keeps him safe error and...

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What the Abyssinian Experience in Islamic History Means Today

When discussing the experience of different beliefs existing together at the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the Medina Document, which was put into practice in the first years of the Medina period, comes to mind.

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Religious Symbols between Form and Essence

The relationship between religion and symbols has been a matter of debate for centuries. What is religion; the essence that provides the spirit to believe and worship, or the form that frequently expresses itself in both worship and the individual code of conduct?

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