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Islamic Values in the Face of Dissension

Lighting a fire of discord in Holland, Geert Wilders received a reaction not only Muslims all over the world, but people everywhere. For the discord that was lit was not only aimed at annoying Muslims but, at the same time, it was aimed at...

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The Role of Prophets in Religion

In a classification made based on the belief in prophets, it is possible to make two categories: those religions that give a place to prophets and those that do not. In this kind of classification it can be seen that a significant number of religions...

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Islam Guarantees the Freedom of Belief

Conversion or choice of belief is one of the most important decisions that a person can take. While making this important decision, it is important for a person to use their free will and to accept the responsibility of this decision.

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Prophet of Mercy and Prophet of War

There are many striking special qualities regarding the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) attitude and behavior towards non-Muslims in both Mecca and Medina. The Prophet never took a uniform approach that put everyone in the same category, but...

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Why did some oppose Muhammad's Message?

When Muhammad (pbuh), who was sent as a mercy to the world, conveyed the message of Allah's absolute unity and oneness and the teaching of servanthood only to Him based on the doctrine of Unity, some of the people...

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The Best Summoner to Mankind

"With Allah's mercy you treated them gently. If you had been rough and hard-hearted, undoubtedly they would have dispersed around you..." (Surat Al-i Imran, 159). The description in the Quran of the Prophet (pbuh)'s approach to people is...

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The True Nature of Mankind Is Purity and Innocence

Islam, the religion sent to mankind through the revelation of the Quran from Allah to Prophet Muhammed, defines mankind as a caliph (vicergent) created for the earth and considers mankind a creation with free will regarding his personal thoughts, attitudes and behaviors who is also responsible for these choices.

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The Prophets: Links in the Chain of Prophethood

Throughout history mankind has been faced with major problems, like bigotry, conservatism and extremism. The Prophets of Allah were faced with bigotry; sometimes people acted against them with hostility, sometimes they slandered them, and...

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The Use of Religious Figures in Cinema

Undoubtedly one of the most effective means of communication in today’s world is the cinema… Not only entertaining and having a good time, but educating masses along certain lines and giving social and..

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