15.11.2013, Friday

Discussions on Ashura and the Prophet's Family

LastProphet.info offers some videos and links to discussion on Ashura, the historical tragedy of Karbala and how Muslims should understand, and love for the Prophet's Family.

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The Place of The Karbala Incident in The History of Islam and Its Consequences

Iraqis lost the struggle for power that they had started by supporting Ali (a.s.), against the Syrians that were acting under the leadership of Muawiyah (a.s.). As a result of this, the center of the government, and thus the treasury were moved from Kufa to Damascus.

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Abu Hurairah

The Companions / The Companions / M. Yaşar Kandemir, PhD

He was affiliated with the Daws branch of the tribe of Azd, yet his date of birth is not known. During the period of Ignorance, his name was recorded in various forms as Abd Shams, Abd Amr, Sukain, Amr b. Abd Ghanm. The holy Prophet (pbuh) changed his name to Abdurrahman or Abdullah.

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The Relationship of the Companions and Prophet Muhammad in the Quran

The Companions / The Companions / Ali Galib Gezgin, PhD

The Companions, who were the first to receive the Quran when it was revealed in the 7th century, were examples, like the Prophet, both in behavior and practice for those who would come after them due to their sincere affiliation with him.

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The Companions / The Prophet's Household / M. Yaşar Kandemir, PhD

Fatima, who was raised and educated by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), acquired both such personal characteristics as modesty and decency on the one hand, and his physical qualities such as the way he walked and spoke, on the other.

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At What Age did Aisha Marry the Prophet?

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Reşit Haylamaz

When covering the life of Prophet Muhammad, one of the most debatable topics is that of the age of his wife Aisha when the two married. Her alleged very young age has been used in smear campaigns against the Prophet.

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A Portrait of Umm Habiba – A Mother of the Believers

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Adem Apak, PhD

Given the name Ramlah at birth, she was known as Umm Habibah due to the name of her first child. She was the daughter of Abu Sufyan, a member of Banu Umayyah, one of the most important tribes of Mecca. Her mother was..

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Dihya Bin Khalifa al Kalbi

The Companions / The Companions / Adem Apak, PhD

There is not enough information about the post hijra life of Dihya bin Khalifa (r.a.), who is originally from Southern Arabia and later made a home for himself around the region of Damascus as member of the Kalb tribe. What is known however.. 

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Ahl Al-Badr

The Companions / The Companions / Lastprophet.info

Ahl al-Badr or Ashab al-Badr (The Badr Companions) is the general name given to the companions of Prophet Muhammad who participated in the Battle of Badr, the first great battle in Islamic history.

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Ansar (The Helpers)

The Companions / The Companions / Lastprophet.info

The word ansar means 'helper' in Arabic, while the word ansari refers to a person who helps. But as a term, the Ansar were the people Medina who supported Prophet Muhammad and the muhajirun (Emigrants) when they emigrated from Mecca to Medina.

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