Annual Sirah Conference held in Kashmir

Jun 13,2011

“Life and death, here and the hereafter are the two things which have been given to mankind in order that man understands his true nature and his purpose in this world. We get lost in the affairs of our life in such a manner that we forget the hereafter in the process -our true and ultimate destination,” said Maulana Mohammad Farooq Khan, a prominent Islamic Scholar.

He was addressing a public gathering at the annual Seerat Conference held by Idhara Fallah-u-Draien, Baramulla.

Speaking on the occasion, Maulana Farooq said that a human being has been created so that he understands his duty vis-a-vis this world and his Lord. “A man is successful if he understands the purpose for which God created him and follows His commandments which were taught to the mankind by the Holy Prophet (SAW).” He said.

Other scholars who spoke on the occasion included Dr. Ghulam Qadir Lone, prominent Islamic Scholar and author, Dr. Shiekh Showkat Hussain, Professor, department Of Law, University of Kashmir and Maulana Showkat Shaheen, Khateeb Iqra Masjid Srinagar.

Addressing the gathering, the speakers enlightened the masses on the need of holding the rope of Allah.

Dr. Ghulam Qadir Lone while speaking on the occasion compared the moral differences between the principals of present day warfare and the wars that were fought in the times of the Prophet (SAW). He said that present day politics is based on the principals of degradation and destruction because they lack the element which was the soul that used to be the part of politics in the times of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Dr. Sheikh Showkat Hussain’s lecture on the topic of Human rights in the light of the teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was an eye opener for the present-day champions of human rights, who according to him, have further deepened the diving line between “their” and “our” human rights. Besides informing people about the history of human rights, he lamented the so-called defenders of human rights to learn their lessons from the teachings of Islam and the Holy prophet (SAW).

Dr. Showkat Shaheen, in his passionate address, talked about the need for development, reform and revolution on the principles of the teachings of Prophet (SAW). Giving small references from the day to day life of the prophet (SAW), he said that development and reform have to come at the grass root level of the society. 




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