Seerah in chronology

07.12.2010, Tuesday

The Chronology of the Era of Prophet Muhammad

Seerah / Seerah in chronology / Casim Avcı, PhD

A chronology of the life of Prophet Muhammad, spanning form his birth, childhood and youth, to his Prophetic mission across what is known as the Meccan and Madinan Periods, up until his demise.

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Months of the Islamic Calendar: Meanings

There are twelve months in the Islamic lunar calendar. Since their names are in Arabic, their meanings might be somewhat difficult to grasp for a non-Arabic speaking audience. In this short piece, we briefly examine these terms.

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Emergence of the Islamic Calendar

Seerah / Seerah in chronology / Kasım Şulul, PhD

A new page had opened after the Hijrah of the Prophet and his companions to Medina. Islam, which was going to change the course of the history, had found a new shelter andhomeland for itself. Hijrah gave its name to the beginning of the Islamic Calendar and the developments related to the calendar occurred generally after this date.

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