22.08.2013, Thursday

First Poems of Praise for Prophet Muhammad

Arts & Culture / Litterature / Mücteba Uğur, PhD

At the heart of a human being’s circle of love lies the love of Allah, which makes one grow into a mature, dignified, proud and complete being; every kind of beauty stems from it. After love of Allah comes love of His Messenger.

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The Place of the Mawlid in Islam

Arts & Culture / Litterature / Abdulhakim Yüce, PhD

We seem to think that throughout the history of mankind there has been no confusion of concepts until today. The leading role in this confusion, which is like a contagious disease, infecting the whole world and almost every culture, is played by the media.

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Arts & Culture / Litterature / Ahmet Özel, PhD

Throughout history the celebrations connected with the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad's death have been an important component in the religious and social life of Islamic countries; these incredibly colorful and...

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Imam Busiri and the Ode of the Mantle

Arts & Culture / Litterature / Mahmut Kaya, PhD

Poets raised in the Islamic world ning with Hassan ibn Thabit and Ka’b ibn Zuhair put forth the most mature works of their genius and art in eulogies and odes written for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). However, some of these are considered to...

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