Call to prayer

04.11.2010, Thursday

Bilal: The Pleasant Call to Islam

Folders / Call to prayer / Idris Tawfiq

The story of Bilal's life and journey to Islam teaches us to hold fast to the message of the Oneness of Allah and to defend the reputation of His Prophet with every breath we take and every action we perform.

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Have you ever heard the Call to Prayer?

This call to prayer has become so much a part of our daily lives that we merely hear itand therefore we may not be aware of its true meanings. We turned to some Muslims and non-Muslims who live in places where there is no adhan to get their...

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Where in the world is the first Call to Prayer recited?

For millions of years the sun has first sent its rays to this place; it is the Kamchatka Peninsula which lies to the east of Japan and under Russia, flowing like a hook onto the ocean… The first people to see the rising sun are those in...

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What is the Call to Prayer?

Folders / Call to prayer / Abdurrahman Çetin, Prof. Dr.

The adhan is recited for compulsory prayers. If the adhan that is recited from the minarets of the mosque has been heard a separate adhan is not read for the prayer to be performed in the home. If a person is far from the mosque and cannot hear the adhan or is outside a settled area, then the adhan is recited.

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