Call to prayer

Where in the world is the first Call to Prayer recited?

Do you know where the first Call to Prayer is read every morning? Where the first iqama is recited and who prays the first daily prayer?
For millions of years the sun has first sent its rays to this place; it is the Kamchatka Peninsula which lies to the east of Japan and under Russia, flowing like a hook onto the ocean… The first people to see the rising sun are those in Kamchatka.
They are the first ones who are invited to accompany the circulation of the universe.
What a blessed call..
The morning Call to Prayer, which starts in Kamchatka, makes a stop in every country, on the meridians, and searches for minarets to make its call in every city. Bukhara, Isfahan, Damascus, Makka, Madina, Urfa, Istanbul: they all join the rich voices of the reciter calling the Call to Prayer.
The Call to Prayer is recited throughout the world every second. Humanity is called to salvation..
All the reciters from Arabia, Persia, Turkey, Bosnia, repeat the same sentence; Allahu Akbar! (God is Most Great!)



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