Book about Fatima, the Prophet's Daughter, Released in Moscow

A new book, published in Moscow, recounts the life of Fatima, Prophet Muhammad's daughter.
Tofiq Abuelm's Fatima: Prophet Mohammad's Daughter has been published in Moscow with support from the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.
According to the public relations office and information center of the Iranian Islamic Culture and Relations Office (ICRO), the book recounts Fatima's life, considering it from different angles.

To introduce the Prophet's history and hagiography to Russian society, Russia's Islamic Studies Foundation has decided to publish such books and make them accessible for interested Russians. To that end, it has so far released various works in Russian on the life and history of the Prophet including Named after Spring Flowers (a book on the Prophet's modus operandi in his life), the Prophet's Life, Imam Mahdi: Savior of the Humanity, Fatima is Fatima, Who is Imam Ali, and Imam Ali's Attraction and Repulsion.

Istuk Publishing has published and released the Russian rendition of the book in Moscow.

Fatimah (605 or 615 – 632) was a daughter of Prophet Muhammad. She is regarded by Muslims as an exemplar. She remained at her father's side through the difficulties suffered by him at the hands of the Quraysh of Mecca. After migration to Medina, she married Ali, Prophet Muhammad's cousin, and was mother to five of his children. She died a few months after her father, and was buried in Jannat Al-Baqi' in the city of Medina near by her son Hasan's grave; the exact location of her grave is unknown to the public. Most Shias believe that she was injured when defending Imam Ali against the first Caliphate, and that this incident led to her early death.
(taken with IBNA with slight editorial amendments)



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