Book on Prophet set to break records

Dubai has made a habit of breaking records and takes the largest and fastest in its stride. Joining the list will be what is said to be the biggest book in the world on the biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) which hopes to make its entry into the Guinness World Records.

The book said to weigh more than 1,500kg, has 420 pages and is written by Dr Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Muslih, renowned Saudi author and Secretary-General of the Complex for Islamic Fiqh (Jurisprudence) Research in Riyadh.

Dr Mohammed Saeed Al Awlaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mshahed, is the man behind this mind boggling record-breaking attempt aiming to spread awareness about the Prophet worldwide.

Mshahed Investment Group, in cooperation with Awassem International and The World Body of the Definition of the Holy Prophet worked on the contents of the 1.5 tonne book named ‘This is Mohammed’, which took three years to pen.

“The around four to five metres long book will help those who don’t know much about Prophet Muhammad,” he said.

According to Dr Al Awlaki, the exact dimensions of the book will remain unknown until the day of the event next month to add some mystery to the remarkable project.

Mshahed Group announced that the unveiling of the book would take place during a special gala event on January 11 during the Dubai Shopping Festival. “The book spotlights some shiny examples of the Prophet’s faith, kindness, tolerance, patience, generosity, and courage.”

The guest list will include members from the Royal families of the seven Emirates, ambassadors and ministers from different departments of the UAE government, as well as diplomats and representatives of various National and International companies.

Later, guests will get the opportunity to participate in the ‘One Million Signatures Campaign’. Spectators will also get the opportunity to take pictures, sign on it and purchase a mini version of the book.

The book will then travel around the world to collect signatures from across all nations.




Sana Nabeel
Sana Nabeel20.10.2012

It's really very impressed me