Cancer Hospital Holds Meeting on Life of Prophet Muhammad

 Jul 25,2011

A cancer hospital in Kashmir,India on Monday organised a conference on the holy life of the Prophet of Islam, with speakers highlighting the contemporary relevance of the Last Messenger’s teachings.

The Hakeem Sanaullah Cancer Hospital in Sopore, founded and run by Dr. Shad Saleem, an oncologist with world-class experience in some of the most advanced institutions abroad, is the only private specialist medical facility in Kashmir meant for cancer patients.

It has a strong philanthropic element for poor and underprivileged patients, and has plans to expand to provide critical and palliative care for terminally ill cases, a dire need in the Kashmir valley where cancers of various kinds have registered an alarming rise.

Noted oncologist, Dr, Shad Saleem, Dr. Ateequllah, and the former chairman of the Board of School Education, Prof Muhammad Abdullah, were among the large number of participants that also included students from local schools.

The hospital’s administrators say that despite their concrete and detailed proposals for setting up such specialist facilities, the government had shown no interest in assisting it in expanding into a field almost non-existent in Kashmir.

(From the Kashmir Observer with editorial amendments)



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