The Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Description of the Prophet Muhammad

Love (mahabba) for people arises from three characteristics: 1) their physical outward beauty, 2) their inward beautiful character, and 3) the good or the sacrifice they do for us. To increase and maintain his love for the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, Hasan (the Prophet's grandson) sought descriptions of all three of these aspects of the Prophet because he wanted something to hold on to.

Adding his own commentary to these intimate descriptions, Hamza Yusuf, with his usual eloquence, passionately relates what Hasan gathered about the Beloved of God. Shaykh Hamza says if you knew what the Prophet, peace be upon him, did for you, you would fall in love with him and explains that love grows like a seed. For those who desire to fall in love with the Beloved of God, this talk is for them.









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