The Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Discussions on Ashura and the Prophet's Family would like to offer a reminder of the value of our modern scholars, and the elegant commentary they offer on the subject of Ashura, a tragedy for all Muslims, and one which needs to be remembered in the context of the historical and religious lessons we should take.

We offer a selection of videos/audio link for lectures on Ashura, Karbala and Love of the Prophet's Family, in ​English, by contemporary scholars of Islam.

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad - Ashura and Karbala - Spiritual Renewal

Shaykh AbdulHakim Murad explores the themes of the Holy Month of Muharram, a month where acts are subjected further to the Divine Scrutiny, especially in the first 10 days and none more so than on the 10th: Ashura. The history books - sometimes verifiably, sometimes less so - tell of an Ancient day resonating through the ages with tremendous affairs: the day of the Exodus of Musa, the day Allah relented toward Adam, the end of the Flood of Nuh, the day Sulayman was crowned, the day Allah relented toward Dawud, the day Isa was born, may Allah's peace be on them all.

The thread that runs through all these events is one of spiritual renewal, a movement from sin toward obedience, shadows to light. 

Ashura, Conflict Among Sahabas and Loving Ahlul Bayt - Dr Umar Faruq Abd-Allah and Imam Zaid Shakir

How do we speak about the conflict among Sahabas without disrespecting them and giving due respect to Ahlul Bayt? Dr. Umar and Imam Zaid answer. From 'Bringing Worship to Life, Lessons from al Ghazali' in Chicago's Masjid al-Faatir.



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