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Exemplary Behavior of Prophet Muhammad

It is always possible for daily behavior to be performed just as well or even better by someone else. However, the situation is a little different for extraordinary personalities like the prophets. Taking into consideration future generations, they display model behavior to their followers. Taking a prophet as a model does not mean imitating him. It means contemplating his behavior, understanding the wisdom in it, analyzing the event, and then implementing it. In fact, when we look carefully at the verse in the Quran that describes Muhammad (pbuh) as "the most beautiful example," we see that the example which should be taken is implementing his religious and moral behavior in our own lives.

Due to Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) being a human being and in the words of the Quran, "one from among us," he has much admirable behavior that should be thought about and analyzed. However, that exalted personality has some behavior and expressions that have no equal in the history of mankind. In other words, humanity has not yet produced behavior similar to this. In this article I am going to try and give examples of this behavior. I want to take up this topic with up to ten examples that I have chosen from his life.

The Value He Gave Human Beings

1- We all know the value the Quran gives to man and his life. How vast and profound is the meaning of the universal revelation, "Killing one man unjustly is like killing all of mankind; giving life to one person is like giving life to all people." There is an example of Prophet Muhammad's to the effect that not only living people, but a dead person as well needs to be shown respect even if he is a member of another religion. One day the Prophet stood up as a funeral procession passed. A companion said that the funeral was for a non-Muslim and that the dead person was a Jew. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) informed those there that death should be contemplated, that regardless of who the dead person was he was still a human being and that it was necessary to show respect.

This is one of Prophet Muhammad's acts of behavior that has no equal in history. For there is no other example of a prophet of one religion standing up out of respect for the funeral of someone not of his religion just because that person was a human being.

2- Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not want anyone who came to this world, regardless of who he was, to die as a non-believer or idolater. He did not even want his fervent enemies who made his life miserable and insulted him in every way to abandon this world without faith. In fact, he commanded that the idolaters who died in the battle of Badr be buried in a way that would not damage their honor and he addressed the dead idolaters. Unexpectedly, to this effect he addressed the corpses of the idolaters that included his main enemy Abu Jahil, who had greatly persecuted him, in a way unequaled in history: "Didn't I tell you? If only you had listened to me. You died as idolaters and punishment became your due." As can be seen, he did not want anyone to die without faith or as an idolater even if it was his enemy. These words are an unequalled example in world history.



dr. abdul qayoom
dr. abdul qayoom18.05.2013

i wish more and more people read about the life of holy prophet mohammed (PBUH), this will definitely make us good human beings and will contribute to world peace and upliftment of human dignity



Mahmoud Abdullahi
Mahmoud Abdullahi09.10.2012

I exceedingly love Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)!