Exploring the Truth within Cinema

We followed the trail left by the shadow. We pursued noble feelings, pure sorrow, harmless anger and universal truths on the silver screen, something normally dulled by violence and banality. While walking on the path made by film strips wrapped around the girth of the world we became fascinated by how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is treated as a topic for the cinema. We investigated how well the life principles of the Prophet had been reflected in the cinema. The ummah of Prophet Muhammad keeps their desire for seeing him until the next world, and shuns any attempts to imprison him in the shallowness of an image; this being the case, we were curious how he had been represented in film. Here we go...

H. Hümeyra Şahin

Can We Make the Cinema into a Window of Truth?

Mesut Uçakan - Film Director 

Can our Prophet be Depicted?

Şinasi Gündüz, PhD 

The Use of Religious Figures in Cinema

İsmail Güneş - Film Director 

The Message is a Materialistic Film

Nihal Bengisu Karaca

Will the Islamic World Produce Another "Message"?

İhsan Kabil - Cinema Critic

Abstractions Can Work Well

Sadık Yalsızuçanlar

Discovering the Code of Cinema in a Prophetic Anectode



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