Get Your Voice Heard invites postgraduate students to submit articles on Islamic topics related to Hadith

and/or Sirah, Islamophobia, perceptions of Islam and/or Prophet Muhammad in the media.

Articles could be about misrepresentations and misconceptions of Islam and Prophet Muhammad in the

post 9/11 world, or they could refer back to as early as 14th century perceptions. 

Potential topics, which we believe are critical and should be pursued include, but are not

limited to:

  • The issue of Aisha’s age at the time she married Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
  • The controversy over Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to his cousin and adopted son’s divorcee, Zaynab.
  • Polygamy in Islam
  • Orientalism and stereotypes of Islam


Submission Guidelines

  • Articles shoud be approximately 1000-2000 words.
  • Electronic submissions should be made in *.doc, *.wpd, or *.txt format.
  • Hard copy submissions must be typed
  • First time writers for are encouraged to submit a biography.

We offer for each submission:

  1. Each author of an accepted article will be paid a minimum of USD $60.
    (*Note: Transaction expenses will be extracted from the author’s compensation.)
  2. Your work will be easily accessible to over 3000 viewers per month, including theologians, Islamic scholars and academics, all around the world.

Please contact us via the email below with questions or potential topics,  or submit your article via electronic mail directly to:

Articles can also be mailed to:

Meridyen Destek Derneği

Icadiye Mahallesi, Müneccimbaşı Sokak

Huzur Apt. No: 34/3

Üsküdar, Istanbul

34674 Turkey



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