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Key Clicks in The City of Knowledge


It must have been more exciting to spread letters out on dry cellulose rather than writing on papyrus… We are talking about an excitement in China of 2000 years ago at a time when writing was getting prepared to meet the paper. We are not sure to what extent the Chinese utilized the paper they discovered but we may be sure that when they taught its making to the Muslims in the 8th century, they could not have imagined into what this craft would transform in the hands of its new owners. Indeed neither the other half of the world would realize this potential until about five hundred years later; how skillfully it could be used in the sharing of knowledge and emotion in every field including bureaucracy, literature, history and arts. And centuries later, it was the Andalusian Muslims from whom the West learned how to produce paper.

And today... We are here to talk about a new excitement of the 21st century as paper is being superseded by monitors in the world of knowledge… We are not here to discuss the future of paper and pencil or to prove the victory of key clicks over the creaking of pencils. Our concern is to construct a strong bridge pervious only to true and reliable information over the cyber city of knowledge. Our deal is about conveying Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his message to his expectants via this strong bridge.      
We have been listening to key clicks ever since our first day online, April 19th 2007; we hear the clicks of fingers typing over thousands of computers. And to know the scope of this geography over which these fingers are dispersed accelerates our enthusiasm even more. We want to share our happiness with you; the first 24 hours of our online presence witnessed the clicks of 65 thousand people who visited our pages 3 million 500 thousand times with the aim to learn about the Prophet. From Singapore to Canada, from Azerbaijan to Philippines, from Estonia to Kazakhistan, from Argentina to Vietnam, many people have participated in this race ignited in Istanbul by typing in and . And our site got locked due to this traffic; we experienced a joyful discomfort.

And now... We are working with a wider staff under the editorship of Fatma Ekinci in Turkish, Ayse Basaran in English, Ayna Askarova in Russian and Hatice Ugur in the Kids’ Corner. We are still in the very beginning. We determine our targets not through incalculable passion but with the power of knowledge nourished by the academia. Soon we will meet you with special topics, qualified competitions and share of more knowledge. By setting permanent and long-term plans, we are striving to become a reliable source of information in our own field.

We are expecting you to join us with your questions and everything else you want to share….



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