New Children's Book on the Sirah


The Story of Muhammad is the first animated and interactive book app about the blessed Prophet (peace be upon him). Written by American Muslim children's book author Alexis York Lumbard with classically-inspired miniature paintings by Maram al-Hidmi, the book covers the most essential aspects of the Prophet's life and prophetic mission.  Based on Quran & Hadith, children will learn about the miracles surrounding his birth, his early travels, the first revelation, his struggles and ultimate triumphs. Written as a story within a story, the essential Sirah (lifestory of the Prophet) is told by a mother cat to her three kittens during bedtime. Complete with two songs, it is hoped many children will learn by heart the life and story of our nabi (Prophet).

To quote from the objectives of the production team:

The Story of Muhammad has three main objectives:

1. Plant in the hearts and minds of little Muslims a deep and abiding love for our Prophet and our religion.

2. Teach the spirit of the Sunnah:  love, wonder, wisdom, and truth.  Or to quote the book:

"It's Allah, the Giver, who sends down the rain,

From which the great earth gives us fruit, gives us grain.

"To Him we return, to Him we belong,

So choose what is right and leave what is wrong."

3. Expose children to Islamic art & poetry.  Islamic cultures have a rich history which includes many art forms.  Our book highlights two:  poetry & miniature painting.


Alexis York Lumbard, the author of the text, has said: “Every word which penned this book came from the heart and from the heart, I would like to thank all who contributed to this project. I hope & pray that the One who is beautiful and loves beauty will find our efforts pleasing. Ameen."


You can download the book from iTunes or GooglePlay Stores.


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