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Poem by Chinese Emperor Hong-Wu praising the Prophet

Hong-Wu (also known by his given name Zhū Yuánzhāng) was the Emperor of China between 1368 – 1398 CE. He was the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, leading an Army that conquered the country and defeated away the Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty.

Despite being a non-Muslim, Hong-Wu ordered the construction of several mosques in Nanjing, Yunnan, Guangdong and Fujian. He rebuilt the Jinjue Mosque in Nanjing and large numbers of Hui (Muslim Chinese) people moved to the city during his rule.

He had around 10 Muslim generals in his army, including Chang Yuchun, Lan Yu, Ding Dexing, Mu Ying, Feng Sheng and Hu Dahai. In addition, Hong-Wu’s spouse, Empress Ma, descended from a Muslim family while he was originally a member of a Muslim rebel group led by Guo Zhixin.

Emperor Hong-Wu wrote a 100 word eulogy praising Islam, Allah and the Prophet Muhammad which he placed in the mosques he ordered to be built.

The eulogy is in the form of a poem, each verse containing 4 words (characters) and 4 syllables. In the translation below I have strayed away from trying to keep the 4 word per verse translation in favour of a more literal translation which conveys the full meaning in flowing English.

The One-Hundred Word Eulogy:

Since the creation of the Universe,
God had decreed to appoint,
This great faith-preaching man,
From the West he was born,
He received the Holy Scripture,
A Book of thirty parts,
To guide all creation,
Master of all Rulers,
Leader of Holy Ones,
With Support from Above,
To Protect His Nation,
With five daily prayers,
Silently hoping for peace,
His heart towards Allah,
Empowering the poor,
Saving them from calamity,
Seeing through the darkness,
Pulling souls and spirits,
Away from all wrongdoings,
A Mercy to the Worlds,
Traversing the ancient majestic path,
Vanquishing away all evil,
His Religion Pure and True,
The Noble & Great.

translated by Musa Cerantonio and courtesy of




Yousef Salem
Yousef Salem09.07.2014

Wa alaikoum asalaam and Ramadhan Mubarak. This is a beautiful tribute to our beloved Prophet Muhammad, may Allah grant him eternal peace and blessings. A few items of interest: 1. There are over 100 million Muslims in China, more than in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria combined; 2. If you are in China and want to dine in a halal restaurant look for a sign with a black square line and a solid black block inside; 3. The Muslim word "Ma" means "horse", a noble animal, but it is also the Chinese Muslim name "Muhammad". For example, there is a Muslim Chinese Restaurant in my neighborhood, "Ma's Restaurant", that it is owned by Chinese Muslims and they serve halal meats and no alcoholic beverages are served. The food is very delicious and reasonably priced. I may enjoy an iftar (breaking of an all day fast from food and drink for about 30 days during the holy month of Ramadhan) soon. I wish you all well.



Lghazaoui Ihssane
Lghazaoui Ihssane09.04.2013

Assalamu alaikum,
I met a lady in Mecca while performing Umrah and she advised me to visit this website and when I did today I knew why she insisted on me. Because the work you are doing is great guys. Please keep enchanting us with all these amazing stories about the Prophet PBUH.
Jazakum Allahu khayran.