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Qasida (Eulogy)

A Qasida is a poem, sung by one person, which conveys praise for the Prophet, describes great people of religion or the praise due to them, or mentions Sufi topics and is produced within a modal framework. The eulogies most loved in mosques and dervish orders are those whose lyrics are related to the Prophet Muhammad.

Next in popularity with the people after Süleyman Çelebi's Mevlid and Regaibiyye, which describes the qualities of the Prophet's mother and father, is the "muhammediyyehan."  It is sung in the mosques by those who have memorized the Qur'an. The Muhammediyye of Yazıcıoğlu Mehmed Efendi (d. 1451) is a musical work that has been received with great favor in religious gathering places.


Qasida: “Muhammed ahsen-i hulk ile nebîlere bir tâc oldu”

Sebilci Huseyin Efendi │ Turkish


Qasida: “Rasûl-i müctebâ ayn-i derde devâsın sen”

Sebilci Huseyin Efendi │ Turkish


Qasida: “Şâfî-i rûz-i cezâ eşref-i sermed geldi”

Sebilci Huseyin Efendi │ Turkish





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