The Prophet Muhammad (saw)

The candles of Al-Quds

In his hadith book Sunan, Abu Dawud relates from Maymunah, the freed bondmaid of the Messenger of Allah (saw):

One day, Maymunah Bint Sa’d (r.anha) asked the Prophet (saw), “O Messenger of Allah, inform us about visiting Bayt Al-Maqdis.” The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “Visit it for prayer”. However, there was war (between Persians and Byzantins) in Jerusalem at that time and taking this into account, the Messenger of Allah (saw) added: “If you cannot go for prayer then send some oil to be used for its lamps.” (Abu Dawud, Salat 14, Nr. 457)

Today, a new war is going on in the same region and it is nearly impossible for people to go and visit there. But still, it is possible to send public relief and financial support to light up the lamps of Gaza that died away long ago. However, it is not only the lamps that died away in Gaza. Within the region which has long been under blockade, all kinds of relief items, from bread to medicine, are needed.

On the basis of these reports, we all bear our responsibilities in mind and believe that, like in the past, our glorious people will do everything in its power once again.

From our Lord, we pray mercy and grace for those who lost their lives, a quick recovery for the sick and patience for the people of the region. May Allah grant discernment and a sense of responsibility upon Muslims! 



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