The Prophet Muhammad (saw)
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The Devotion of Youth to Prophet Muhammad

"Hello! I am indeed writing this letter to my Prophet Holy Muhammad with all my sincerity. They say that back in the old times many bad things used to happen. Then those days passed... Our Prophet arrived. With his arrival, every living thing came to life. When he came, we reached enlightenment after the days of darkness. Life became meaningful with his arrival.

"I wish to deliver this letter to our Prophet. However, even if I give this letter to the mailman and write on it "to Heaven, the home of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)"... Unfortunately it would not reach there. Therefore, I decided to write this letter after thinking that maybe the Holy Prophet is visiting this website. I hope that he visits the website and that this website publishes my letter. See you, the crown of humanity and world, My Prophet whom I love more than I love myself."

Hatice Gulru Turhan (Istanbul- age 9)

"I love our Prophet very much. When I make a mistake, I feel he comes and warns me. With the help of our Prophet, I never deviate from the right path and never set wrong examples. I never upset anyone nor break their heart. I love my Prophet very much."

Tugay Balci (Izmir- age 16) 

"My dear Prophet! My name is Seyma. I love you very much. I wish I had the chance to see you for once at the cost of losing everything. I love you and have longing for you so much that I can not explain. I go into tears when they tell me what you went through when you were a child. I read about how compassionate you were when you grew up. I became more sentimental when I learned that someone wanted the jacket that was tailored for you and you gave it to that person. Then they made another one for you, yet you did not have the chance to wear it. My Prophet! When I listen about your life story, I cry and at the same time understand how affectionate you were. I know that you love children so much. I too love the children. With all my respect!"

Seyma Isik (Mugla- age 11)

"O My prophet! I did not see you in this world. But no matter what, we all the Muslims will meet you. May Allah protect You!"

Musa Suslu (Batman- age12)

"My beloved Prophet! I think about you all the time. My mother says you were a good man who loved children so much. I love you."

Sinem Togul (Bursa- age10)

"I wish I lived in that era and kissed his hands."

Ismail Emre Dervisoglu (Izmir- age11)


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