The Prophet Muhammad (saw)

The Foundation of the Principles Brought by Our Prophet: Revival

When Allah the Almighty sent our Prophet to the polytheists  of Mecca for the purpose of a divine calling, his first message was to be that Allah is the only deity and that human beings, following death, would be resurrected and brought before Him (s.w.t.) Despite the fact that the polytheists were idolators, they believed in Allah. However, they denied resurrection and the Afterlife. And today, among people who describe themselves as holding various associated beliefs (such as Deists) there are many people who hold the same belief. The reason for this is that people do not accept responsibility for their lives.

This is the same for beliefs that speak about reincarnation. By saying, "You are experiencing difficulties today due to mistakes you have committed in the past. If you accept your current conditions and follow the path of obedience, then in our next life, you will come into life under better conditions," they push people into accepting the life that has been deemed apropiate for them. That is why there is a relationship between people and these made up beliefs having to do with financial, political and hierachichal relations. What the church has done throughout history can be seen in this light. Powers that attempted to be parties to oppression in the Islamic world held similar goals in feeding forced beliefs.

That is why we clearly understand that if a belief system urges one to agree to oppression, injustice, brute force, exploitation and injustice between human beings then it could be said that there is something wrong in that foreseen system.

In actuality, believing in resurrection and the Afterlife means living our lives in this world with awareness and responsibility, fighting against wrongs and striving towards multiplying that which is good. This is such a basic issue that it was one which the Messenger of Allah covered most extensively throughout his life, forming one of three bases of religion (the other two are belief in Allah and his Messenger) and this has become the basic condition which would render useful all of the good deeds which we engage in throughout our lives.  (The Holy Qur'an; Muhammed, 33; Baqarah, 264; A'raf, 147; Kahf, 105)



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