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Friday Sermon - The Importance of Quranic Learning in Childhood Education

Friday March 25, 2011 provides its readers with a weekly Friday sermon (khutbah), which may act as a supplemental guide for imams, hospital and prison chaiplains, Muslim organizations and societies (i.e. MSA), students and the general reader. All of our sermons have been prepared by imams, Islamic scholars and theologians in the Republic of Turkey. Please
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Esteemed Muslims!

Our children, the apples of our eye, are each a blessing and a trust from our Creator to us, and are brought into this world in the purest of states.

For all living things, the continuation of life is only possible through the protection of our lineage. And the protection and safeguarding of the human lineage takes place through legitimate and legal marriage and the children who are the fruits of this union. Children gain their initial knowledge of religion and social life through observing the daily lives of their parents.

My precious brothers and sisters!

Let us not leave our children -- who embody hope and our future and are the buds of love of our family gardens -- void of knowledge, faith, respect, love and tolerance. Let us unite them and their enlightened world with the Qur’an, which is the source of all humane and religious values and the center of love. For there exists not even an iota of evil in their pure hearts. All they need is love and affection. And what creates love and brings it to life is the Holy Qur’an; in it, our children find the love for which they yearn. Thus they will view everything through their hearts, filled with and overflowing with love of the holy book. In the absence of this, if their souls are shut off from these beautiful and sacred values due to the shortcomings of adults, they will develop lovelessness instead of love; disrespect instead of respect; intolerance in the place of tolerance, and so forth.

Esteemed Muslims!

We must strive for our cultural and spiritual beliefs to flourish in the hearts of those children entrusted to us. Should we fail to do so, we will suffer as a society, being forced to look on as foreign influences that contradict our national and religious culture take over their innocent and naive worlds. The safeguarding of our children against what is religiously harmful is a duty we have been given.

Esteemed Believers!

Our schools, which are houses of knowledge, have begun summer break. We are sharing the joy of millions of our children. As is the case every summer, this summer, too, our mosques will host Qur’an school and then, later on, “summer school.” During this time, our mosque staff will help our children learn their religious and national values and the Holy Qur’an. Therefore our children will become acquainted with the spiritual ambiance of our mosques and the illuminated, lucid world of the Holy Qur’an.

Let me conclude my khutbah with a Qur’anic verse and a hadith:

Allah the Almighty says, “Read, in the name of thy Lord who created you.” [1]

And our Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) said, “The best of you are those who learn and teach the Holy Qur’an.” [2]

[1] Surah Alaq, 96:1-2.

[2] Riyadhus-Saliheen. Trans., 2:997 hd.

Editing: The Provincial Khutbah Commission



Kids are naturally more influenced by their Parents than anyone else. This is why it is the duty of the Parents to maintain few things in order to make the learning of the Quran easy for their children.