The Prophet Muhammad (saw)
Ramadan Diaries

The Opportunity of Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan the devils are chained, temptations of the self fade, and raw instincts become weak. Eating, drinking, and sexual activity are abandoned during the day, and one keeps oneself on guard even against a single bad word that may slip out of the mouth, hoping to keep the reward of fasting undiminished. These Ramadan days are an opportunity to elevate our soul by rescuing our character from the pressures of the self and making it free. 

Imagine the vast progress we would make in five or ten years if we were to resolve to free ourselves from one bad habit and seek to instill one good habit every Ramadan. 30 days in fact is not a short period of time for this kind of purposeful concentration and effort. Witnessing for oneself that one can master oneself and that one acts based upon the principles of faith instead of the pressures of emotion is a great gain on the path to betterment. One can confidently and happily say “I can do this”… And it is safe to say that focusing on one aspect or habit is a much more realistic goal than to attempt fixing many things at a time.

These lines are an invitation to set up a goal for ourselves this Ramadan and to conclude this month as a person positively renewed in at least one aspect, for this is a month which our Lord has bestowed upon us as a gift on our path to achieve the beautiful character that will determine our true worth in Allah’s (s.w.t) eyes. May our Master aid us in our struggle to distance ourselves from the evils that have taken root in our hearts and selves with the blessing of Ramadan…





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