Welcome to Celebrate Mercy

Image brings a global celebration of  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) webcast live to your living room.

Organized between Feb. 25-9 PM EST and Feb. 28-10 AM GMT, the programme include many significant speakers like Dr. Yusuf İslam (aka Cat Stevens), Hamza Yusuf, Dr. Sami Yusuf, Dalia Mogahed, Maher Zain, Faraz Rabbani, Yahya Rhodus, Habib Ali Al-Jifri, Imam Zaid Shakir, Nuh Keller, Imam Sayed Hassan Qazwini, Muhammad Ninowy, Abdallah Adhami, Naeem Muhammad, Moez Masoud, Usama Canon and Nader Khan.

The programme also organizes a contest about Prophet Muhammad calling for works expressing the beauty, merciful nature and gentleness of the Prophet.

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