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Welcome to Lastprophet.Info is a non-profit comprehensive web portal that seeks to describe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and convey his message to an English-speaking audience, both Muslim and non-Muslim, from around the globe. It also serves Turkish and Russian speakers, and will soon be available in other languages, including German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

The web site has most recently been awarded the prize for the "Best Mass Media Outlet" professing love for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by the prestigious Al Mahabba Awards of Abu Dhabi. The winners were selected by an expert jury headed by Abdulhakim Murad (Tim Winter).

The project was initiated in 2006 in the aftermath of field research which revealed a lack of sufficiently comprehensible, systematic and user-friendly material accessible to people who wanted to learn about the Prophet of Islam. It was therefore decided that someone as unique as Prophet Muhammad, who has been remembered with reverence for centuries, should be examined with a new method in this age in which knowledge is simultaneously transmitted to the remotest corners of the world. A prophet who was sent to all of humanity is best conveyed via an instrument that encompasses this aspect and the diversity of the modern age, the Internet. has been designed to serve as a bridge to answer the needs of people who live in the modern world. Its emergence has been further accelerated by consecutive events that have upset Muslim sensitivities by targeting our beloved Prophet.

 At the same time, the existence of is more than a mere defensive or reactionary response. On the contrary, the basic principle of the web portal is the intellectual and rational study of Prophet Muhammad; in other words, we seek to convert the love of the Prophet into a conscious love and to love him with a thinking heart.

 The web portal came online on April 19, 2007. We have received over a million visitors since this date. In terms of its contents, consists of a rich encyclopedic compilation of articles that has been brought together through a meticulous survey of the available academic literature on Prophet Muhammad. Among the main headings are his life, the prophethood, the Hadith and Sunnah, his social life and Companions. The answer to our initial question "Who is Prophet Muhammad?" has been transformed into a comprehensive one that contains all the material and spiritual dimensions of his life, from his pure morality to his names, from his personality that can be construed through the revelations to his style of clothing and nutrition. As such, the site aims to depict and present Prophet Muhammad not only as a prophet, but also as a human being, a statesman, a grandfather, a commander, a husband, a companion and a friend. is updated on a regular basis in accordance with the global Islamic agenda. In this sense, the practices or perspective of the Prophet on many issues related to the contemporary context are discussed. These issues are further enriched by a growing number of authors who write about the Prophet at regular intervals solely for Moreover, many international seminars, workshops, festivals, or celebrations, which are related to the Prophet, are transmitted to readers from the news column. is proud to present a rich gallery that takes the audience on a journey into the life of the Prophet. The visual context is complemented by an audio collection of musical pieces from the Islamic world produced in attempt to remember and honor the Prophet. The section on literature provides a great source of academic works about Prophet Muhammad. In addition, interviews with prominent Islamic figures and interactive parts, such as “ask an expert” and a forum, enable the portal to represent a dynamic vision that brings Prophet Muhammad and his universal message to the contemporary world. Moreover, coverage of Islamic culture and arts aims to familiarize the audience with the Prophet through insight into how his actions and words have been reflected in different disciplines, such as history, mysticism, classical arts and architecture.

 Last, but certainly not least, the Kids’ Corner is an organic part of Representing a unique effort at talking about the Prophet and making him more accessible to children between the ages 6 and 12, the Kids’ Corner has just come online in Turkish and will soon be translated into English.

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