World’s largest Prophet Muhammad Museum to open in Istanbul

The museum named "The Age of Felicity World Prophet Museum" will exhibit replicas of the objects and places which were part of the life of Prophet Muhammad, ranging from his clothes to tools, and the Prophet's Mosque to the Kaaba.
Prophet Foundation Chairman Mehmet Kaya told the Turkish press that the museum, which will be built by the foundation, is set to open in 2016.
The museum, which will have 6 stories, will be built in the Eyup district of Istanbul on an area of 3,500 meters.
Kaya expressed that the museum will serve as a bridge between the Age of Felicity (the time of Prophet Muhammad and the four following caliphs) and our current times.
The museum will house replicas of objects from around the world related to Prophet Muhammad. It will consist of objects, works and books from around the globe.
Kaya indicated that the museum will explain the prophet’s 63 years of life as a father, grandfather, prophet and Islamic leader. “Child will understand his childhood, youths his youth, and fathers his fatherhood,” Kaya said.


dr aman
dr aman24.05.2013

mashaallah, keep up the good work.



Sameer Roshan
Sameer Roshan10.05.2013

Subhan Allah,
Salute to you idea, we are awaiting for you project to complete...