The Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Youth and Children in the Path of the Prophet

The fact that the children and youngsters were more receptive to the divine message, and their pure and clean creation enabled them to put a sincere effort in living and spreading the teachings of the Prophet in that day within the way of their faith, and exceedingly widened the link of the Prophet in which they take place in a short time.

These unique people, who transformed their society into the Age of Happiness under the guidance of the Prophet, continue to serve as role models of today's children and youngsters, and each day this link widens more and more in terms of devotion for the Prophet.

Today, the devotion for the Prophet is reflected in the sincere and straightforward words of children and youngsters; this devotion echoes from many cities of Anatolia in the letters of Aysegul, Gulru, Tugay, Ismail, Musa and others. We believe that similar feelings are shared by the children and youngsters of other countries and they will soon be reflected in these pages as well.


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