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The Martyred Caliph: Uthman (ra)

The Companions / The Companions / Adem Apak, PhD

Uthman (r.a) was born in Mecca 47 years before the Hijra (Migration to Medina).

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Umar (r.a) : A Leader Crowned with Truth and Justice

The Companions / The Companions / Dr. İsrafil Balcı

The caliphate of Umar (r.a), which spanned the ten years between 634 AD (12 Hijri) and 644 AD (22 Hijri), is regarded as one of the most exemplary, exceptional and idealized periods in Islamic history. 

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The Young Martyr of Uhud: The Companion Mus’ab bin Umayr (ra)

The Companions / The Companions / Prof. Dr. Adem Apak

Mus’ab bin Umayr (ra) came from the Abd ad-Daar branch of the Quraysh tribe, and his family was among the most prominent and wealthy clans of this tribe.

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Anas bin Malik (ra): The Devoted Servant of the Prophet (saw)

The Companions / The Companions / Prof. Dr. Adem Apak

Anas bin Malik (ra) was born in Medina ten years before the Hijra (Immigration). His family belonged to the Najjar clan of the tribe of Hazraj, which was one of the two leading tribes of Medina. 

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The Lion of God, the Martyr of Uhud: Hamza (ra)

The Companions / The Companions / Prof. Dr. Adem Apak

Hamza (ra) was born in 570, one year before the Prophet (saw), in Mecca. His father is Abd al-Muttalib, and his mother is Hala bint Wuhayb, who was a paternal cousin of the Prophet’s (saw) mother.

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Aisha, the Mother of the Believers and Teacher of Scholars

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Prof. Dr. Abdullah Kahraman

‘A’isha (may Allah be pleased with her) holds a unique place among the wives of the Prophet since she excelled in her knowledge and her social activities, leading the way among female scholars of jurisprudence to become the wise mother of believers.

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Abu Hurairah

The Companions / The Companions / M. Yaşar Kandemir, Prof. Dr.

He was affiliated with the Daws branch of the tribe of Azd, yet his date of birth is not known. During the period of Ignorance, his name was recorded in various forms as Abd Shams, Abd Amr, Sukain, Amr b. Abd Ghanm. The holy Prophet (pbuh) changed his name to Abdurrahman or Abdullah.

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The Relationship of the Companions and Prophet Muhammad in the Quran

The Companions / The Companions / Ali Galip Gezgin, Prof. Dr.

The Companions, who were the first to receive the Quran when it was revealed in the 7th century, were examples, like the Prophet, both in behavior and practice for those who would come after them due to their sincere affiliation with him.

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The Companions / The Prophet's Household / M. Yaşar Kandemir, PhD

Fatima, who was raised and educated by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), acquired both such personal characteristics as modesty and decency on the one hand, and his physical qualities such as the way he walked and spoke, on the other.

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Companions Promised Paradise (Ashara Mubashara)

One of the goals believers want to reach is entering paradise, because the Quran commands people to race to enter paradise. "Be quick in the race for forgiveness from your Lord, and for a Garden whose width is that (of the whole) of the heavens and of the earth, prepared for the righteous" (Al-i Imran 3/133).

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