24.09.2020, Thursday

Islam's Anti-Racist Message from the 7th Century Still Resonates Today

One day, in Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad dropped a bombshell on his followers: He told them that all people are created equal.


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The Fifth Pillar: A Pilgrimage through the Meanings of Hajj

Why is Hajj the fifth pillar of Islam? What is its significance in our religion?

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Special Times, Special Places

There are no days during which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these days,” meaning the (first) ten days of Dhul-Hijjah. 

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Extraordinary Circumstances Require Extraordinary Morals

We all focus on health due to the circumstances we experience in this process. Protection measures as well as to-do-lists before, during and after the illness are everywhere. However, in this article we approach the matter from a different perspective.

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The candles of Al-Quds

In his hadith book Sunan, Abu Dawud relates from Maymunah, the freed bondmaid of the Messenger of Allah (saw)...

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Happy Children of the Age of Happiness

The children of the Age of Happiness were the happiest children of all times. They had the Prophet who loved them, cared for them and valued them so much...

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Religion Is Tough for Whom?

How the man has challenged the nature throughout history and struggled to subjugate it, he also manipulated the revelation; he twisted it, distorted it and tried to make it fit into his liking. Except for the final revelation.

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Do We Like Advice?

Do you like giving advice? Or being given advice? What is the role of advice in today’s human relationships? New generation pedagogues...

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When the Righteous Ones Are Gone

They say the human life is as short as the duration of a single prayer. The prayer for the adhan that is called upon our ears when we are born is performed upon our death.

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Lives Full of Entertainment

What is wrong with having a good time, being entertained or joyful? Of course these are not wrong as long as the limits set by Allah are not transgressed. What is wrong is not to take a break in life, but to consider the whole life as a break...

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